Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Stop making things up

tcg550 wrote:

And we've gone over this before. Profit doesn't always mean cash especially when just starting out.

Like JoePa you seem to have your own definition of words...


financial gain, esp. the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.

obtain a financial advantage or benefit, esp. from an investment.

If you say profit you mean that ^   If you mean something else then say what you mean. Wuit making up definitions for words.

When he gets the experience, exposure and portfolio I suspect he will have more question about what to charge.

Why? As has been pointed out by others good vs bad PHOTOGRAPHY has little to do with success.
What he needs to charge has nothing to do with how good he is (his portfolio).

what he wants to charge may be a factor. he's not said so and to infer otherwise is like joepa reading between the lines or reading minds of the internet (which since most of you get my intent wrong apparently you can't do very well).

I've suggested before - GO CHECK YOUR MARKET.

You can sell $3 burgers and $15 burgers. You CANNOT sell $15 burgers as fast food - that market is for $3 burgers. So if you plan to open a burger joint you need to survey the market - what will the market buy and pay for it?

Opening another fast food place in the same block as 5 others is probably not a great idea. Opening a $15 place might work - your're offering something unique.

But unless you go survey the market you have no idea. Might just be like fishing in your bathtub- no matter the bait or how good a fisherman you are there are no fish there. You are wating your time.

When that happens you can give him the lecture about charging enough so you can make a profit.

"I want to open a business but profit isn't important' translates to " I want to fail at business"

I don't want to see anyone fail. Apparently you and others do as your advice won't help anyone make a living at photography.

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