Time to upgrade my 60D? 6D or 70D worth it?

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Time to upgrade my 60D? 6D or 70D worth it?

So I'm a hobbyist who loves taking photos, the highlight of my year is putting together photo albums for the family of the pics I've taken throughout the year. I currently have the following:

Body: Canon 60D

Lenses (listed from most used to least used) and flash:

- 70-200L 2.8 II

- 17-55 2.8

- nifty fifty

- 24-105L f4

- 100mm 2.8L macro

- 430ex II flash

I pretty much use the 70-200 as much as possible...have owned it just over a year and the IQ still blows me away.  The other lenses just don't compare.  I might get the odd photo from the other lenses at the same IQ but the 70-2000 is consistently awesome.  I'd say that the 70-200 and the 17-55 make up 85% of my shots.  I go to the 50 and 100 for speciality uses and pretty much only use the 24-105 when I'm restricted on space and can only pack one lens.  I also find the 24-105 soft compared to the others.

I primarily shoot people, friends and family indoors and outdoors (young family, 3 kids under the age of 9, all the cousins are younger as well).  A lot of family vacation, sports and events stuff.  I'd say I'm about 60% outdoors and 40% indoors with these shoots.  I do take some landscape, nature and macro stuff but it's definitely secondary to family photos.  I shoot 90% in manual mode and usually in jpeg, but sometimes in RAW as I try and figure that out.

Ok, so I've been sporting the 60D for a few years now and it's been great, but I find myself slowly looking at other bodies...here are the primary limitations I've been experiencing with the 60D:

- Video: My HD recorded was busted by my daughter and the 60D just doesn't cut it, I'm not a big video guy so manual focus is not for me.  I basically just want an automatic mode for those special events.  Don't get me wrong, I may not be a video enthusiast but I want that available to me, there are times where a picture just can't capture what a video can and I've already missed a few of those situations in the past couple of years.

- Low light: I love shooting the family and friends.  Unfortunately the nature of that photography takes me indoors a lot where I'm shooting at high ISOs.  I need to keep the shutter up because it's kids running around and so even wide open with the 70-200 and 17-55 I have a hard time as I don't want to get too high into the ISO world.

Those are my two big pet peeves, other smaller irritations:

- Live view is useless unless shooting macro...bought the camera thinking I'd use it but the lag is just awful.  However, I don't find myself overly limited by not being able to use it, except when taking photos while skiing.  It's hard to ski backwards down the hill with your face plastered to the camera (main reason I wanted the articulating screen and live view).  However, I'm doubtful how much I'd be able to see on the LCD on a bright day, even if live view was good.

- Micro adjustments: I find my 24-105 to be soft, I'd love to use it more but I just can't get the crispness of my other lenses...and so it sits in the bag a lot.  From testing I think I have a slight front focus issue.  Would like to be able to adjust for this but 60D can't.

- I can't really say the crop vs full is a huge issue because as much as there are days I wish I had wider there are days I'm happy having the 1.6 zoom.  However, I do find myself shooting wider more and more and cropping long shots more.  The full frame also appeals to me in that it would give me more use of the 70-200 indoors and a bigger ISO range.

So as time goes by I find my eye wandering to other bodies and a possible upgrade.  I know I'm the best one to make the final decision but as I have no one around who's also into photography I'd like to bounce my ideas off others who know what I'm talking about.

So right now I'm considering the 70D, primarily to solve my video issue but also addressing many of the other concerns as well.  The other big win for the 70d is that it's the cheapest option (other than just sticking with the 60D). By selling the 60D and picking up a used 70D it's not that much of a cost to upgrade, a few hundred.  However, the 6D also tempts me with the full frame capabilities.  So basically, compared to my 60D I see the following from reviews:

- 70D: Big upgrade in video, slight upgrade in ISO use, focus, wifi, and micro. Loss in high ISO use compared to 6D

- 6D: Full frame, get more use out of my 70-200, better high ISO use, loss in AF, manual video focus and reach.

Any thoughts of details I've missed or may not be taking into consideration?  At this point I've almost entirely ruled out the 60D because of the manual video issue but full frame still temps me. I think long term the 70D is a better pick up vs 60D because of the video issue.

Last option is to just hold onto the 60D and wait to see what else comes out in the next couple of years.  What do you guys think? Is my thinking on this logical or am I missing any big +/-'s of these lenses?

Canon EOS 60D Canon EOS 6D Canon EOS 70D
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