Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Re: Starting a business specializing in portraiture

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

A business that does not make a profit is a non-profit business - aka, charity. the OP insists he is not a charity.

OK...then a business that LOSES money is a failure, as the intent and sole pupose of a BUSINESS is to make money for the INVESTORS/OWNERS.

I you want to give your money to a business 'activity' then that is called CHARITY.

A hobby is NOT a business. I guess you could have a 'hobby business' but why would you want to 'play' at business for relaxation and recreation? If you're any good at it you can make money and not have a need for a 'day job' where 'the boss' tells you what to do.

A hobby can have a purpose, or not. You do it for you.

Business, by definition, has a purpose. To provide a product/service and make a profit.

You can't redefine terms just because you want to.

Definition of Business:
2. the practice of making one's living by engaging in commerce.
1. a person's regular occupation, profession, or trade."

Definition of Hobby

an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

Joe Pa wrote:

Not every business seeks to make a profit that is tangible or self supporting. Photography, like some other recreational activities brings great joy and pleasure to people, but it's also quite expensive. Some, like the OP are quite content to initially dip their toes into the professional water to simply cover the costs of their hobby.

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You're 100% wrong, a business does not have to make a profit, a business has to break even to survive.  In fact the best run small businesses strive to break even in order to minimize their tax implications.

You haven't been appointed King, so it's none of your concern how someone chooses to spend their money or recreational time, get off your throne.

This post is the exact reason you have no "business" being a mod here, as you internalize everything written here as to how it affects you and can't be objective.

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