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Re: Don't do it, Gary

Ralf B wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Some very interesting - and encouraging - comments about those who own these new cameras loving them and contradicting the review. I must go to the Sony store again and see if they have the 7r yet. I am all about image quality because I love to print BIG.

Just don't do it. I did it, today. I went to my fav photo store in Ulm to have a shot printed as poster and framed as gift for a friend tonight, and while waiting for the print (20 minutes) I handled the A7 with the 2.8/28-75 kit lens mounted.

It felt very solid, or heavy in the sense of 'dense', a surprising and positive heft in your hand compared to its size. Amazing EVF compared to my a55. The shutter button had good feedback, the shutter was set to EFSC and the shutter noise sounded determined, oozing mechanical quality while not being 'loud'.

The user interface is definitely something you need to get used to, I felt less at home but at the same time attracted. All buttons felt solid. This thing feels like it can take quite the beatings.

WRT image quality, the a77 is of course not 'second to none' and with a DXO score of 800 something compared to the A7r score of 2200 something most likely rather second to the A7r.

I am glad I already own a sufficient number of cams (my 'best' cam scores 1500 something at DXO) and am now even more curious how the next A Mount cam will look like.

Gary, you have been warned. Don't touch the A7.


Good one, Ralph. I find the A7 to be quite solid and people usually compare it to the NEX cameras. But the A7/A7r are in a different league and you get to enjoy one of the finest image quality a $1.6K camera can produce. Most of the DPReview flaws were around JPEG quality and IMO if you are going to invest in an expensive camera, might as well shoot in RAW and extract the maximum details. I don't think a lot of people shoot JPEG anyways other than journalists or those who upload to social media sites so I think not many "pro" shooters will take the DPReview seriously.

I posted my feedback in the E mount forum, here it is:


1. The JPEG issues are irrelevant to me as I shoot RAW. I cannot understand who would buy a ~$2K FF camera and not extract every bit of detail out of the RAW file.

2. This should be fixed via a firmware update:" What was interesting was that while the a7 did not observe the traditional 1/focal range guide for selecting shutter speeds with FE lenses, it did with A-mount lenses attached with the LA-E3 adapter"

3. Video AF hunting is an issue but I don't know what the camera is supposed to think when there is nothing as a subject (like no car on the road). Maybe another firmware issue?

4. They did not do tests on the LA-EA4 adapter which is an AF monster, bettering an A99 with native A mount lenses.


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