Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

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tko wrote:

Why buy FF and not take it on a photo opportunity? I mean, are you saving it to take photos of your back yard? I live for vacations, and only go FF. No way could I live w/a smaller camera - they just don't have the horse power for the opportunities. Save the smaller cameras for snapshots and friends.

My FF gets plenty of use, even if I decide not to take it on this trip.  I've got kids in school and sports, and we have a large family with many events going on.  I bought 6D for the high ISO capabilities that are needed in HS gyms, dark family rooms, college recital halls, and such.  I sold my 7D when I discovered how well the 6D worked for sports.  And before anybody says the 7D is better, I will testify now that aside from frame rate, when you need high ISO the 6D is my choice over the 7D every time.

Listen. A cruise is absolutely the easiest trip to take luggage on. I just came back from a month in Asia, walking ten hours every day. If you can't carry your FF gear on what is basically a moving hotel room, you might as well sell it.

I agree.  I just don't want to let it out of my sight for the plane trip (that means it will be carry on).  And I don't want to risk it in a place like Jamaica.

98% of everything I shoot is on field trips. Check out my contest entries. If I left my dSLR behind I've have nothing.

But I guess it depends on what your priorities are. For me, getting the shot IS the fun. Others may just want snapshots (which is fine, of course, but YOU brought FF to do something more--didn't you?)

I am currently leaning towards taking both... However, that may change when the day gets closer.

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