Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

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Re: Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

A year ago the XE1 was the cats meow, the darling if mirrorless cameras, then it got better with several significant firmware updates. Today it is yesterdays news but that is how it goes, don't blink.

The new XE2 is a little better for focusing speed, 14 instead of 12bit raws a few other improvements And faster processor. Depending on how you shoot these differences might add up to nothing at all, or be very useful.

just know this going in, current Fuji cameras are wonderful for still photography. If you want to track moving subjects, look elsewhere. Know this going in and you will not be disappointed.

Not all XE1 users feel any need to upgrade. I am one of those happy XE1 users. Some people can afford to have the latest technology and can upgrade each year, I had a Nikon D300 for 5 years before changing cameras, it just worked.

But, if buying into the system, the XE2 might be a better bet since you can relax for a few years. Of course in a few months some XE2 users will sell for the XT1 and that will be the new darling of the lineup.

Know your needs. The best investment is always in the lenses and your own skills, the camera is the bridge of that meet your needs.

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