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Re: Let's create a Semi-Pro Forum

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

I don't think anyone is being discouraging. We're trying to help.

The OP said he wants to start a business and then says he doesn't want to make a profit. Asks some very rudimentary questions yet claims to have read books on the subject.

We see a few potholes on his road to success and just trying to keep him from falling in a hole by pointing them out.

Whether we speak up or not he's gonna have to face a few truths to get from where he is to where he says he wants to go.

You need to read, the OP wants to start a business to initially help pay for his hobby. He is sticking his toe in the water and hoping to make a bit of money so he can buy more gear, I suspect most of us started out this way.

I realize to many, this is sacrilege and feel the need to stomp on their hopes and dreams in order to discourage them from competing. I have given this a lot of thought and wonder why this industry is so insecure when it comes to new people entering the industry. Do you think Pearl Jam is afraid of the local bar band stealing money from them? Does Tom Hanks worry about the actors in indie films stealing his next starring role? Is Tiger Woods discouraging people from becoming pro golfers out of fear someone might beat him?

The OP loves photography, he wants to supplement his income and his hobby by taking on some small jobs. His work should have no impact on an established business, unless of course you live in the same town or city as him and you're not a very good businessman or photographer.

How about we embrace these people, help them out and not be so judgmental. If I was from the UK I'd have gladly given him all the information he needed without the condescending tones I see so often here.

Maybe we need a semi-pro forum here, one where people like the OP can get some advice on how to start out but don't want to spend the next six months developing business plans, etc. You all seem to ignore that there is a gray area for the transition that allows one to charge for their services yet does not require they be a "real" business as well. Even the IRS tax code allows you to make a certain amount of income from "outside sources".

I'd be happy to mod that forum and ensure all you dream stompers are providing constructive advice or get restricted from the threads.

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