Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Re: Shutter Shock - Sony FF A7R

kbouk wrote:

skyglider wrote:

Thinking about this shutter shock problem, more mass would dampen vibration and result in less blur. But there may be another factor in play which is sensor size. With a larger sensor, vibration is a smaller percentage of the image.

So it stands to reason that micro 4/3 sensors would exhibit more blur due to shutter shock, APS-C sensors less blur, and FF sensors the least amount of blur.


I don't think so, the new FF Sony A7R has big problems :

From Ming Thein, one of the photographers supporting that Lloyd Chambers article.

"Let’s take an example: if you have a scene shot with 12 (8.45um pixel pitch) and 36 MP (4.88um pixel pitch) cameras, and both are equally motion-blurred. The degree of camera shake may be less than a pixel on the 12MP camera – let’s say 5um for argument’s sake, which will still produce a critically sharp image. However, the 36MP camera is now blurred by more than one pixel, which definitely will not look critically sharp at 100%."

Clearing up the myth of higher resolution, shot discipline and image quality once and for all

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