Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

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Re: Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

57LowRider wrote:

WT21 wrote:

Does it do focus peaking? In the viewfinder? to use with my legacy lenses?

Yes, firmware update last summer.

Does the XE1 simulate exposure in the viewfinder? Does the XM1 or XA1 simulate it on the LCD?

Yes, in full manual the default since the last firmware update is Preview Exp. In Manual. Don't know about the others.

Exposure is also simulated in S, A, and P modes when you use the over/under-exposure compensation dial.

I understand the AF has improved. But could I use the 50-200 for some kids events? Horse riding in a ring? School spirit days?

Don't know.

I wouldn't use AF on the X-E1 for something predictable like riding in a ring.  Instead, pick the spot, manually focus, and wait for the horse to get there.  School spirit days are another matter. The 50-200 using auto-focus would serve very nicely for that, especially for outdoors shots.  Auto-focusing is reasonably snappy with that lens.

Are there any flash issues with the Fuji system?

Don't know.

Don't know what you mean by flash issues.

Any other issues/thoughts??

Really depends on what you want to do with it, I suppose. Forget focus tracking, by and large.

I think you meant "27mm" pancake, which is a nice little lens.  I use it a lot, especially on the M1.

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