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Al Downie wrote:

If you're anything other than an exclusively landscape photographer, do you find the extra megapixels a blessing or a curse? Is the camera versatile enough to take good family photos (I have a very mobile 3yr old at home!) as well as portraits, sports etc?

There really is no significant downside to the megapixels apart from storage capacity current memory prices that's not a big issue. The extra megapixels give an upgrade to every lens (the better ones more than the worse, but the worse gain something). One thing I do frequently with the D800 is use a 'half size' raw conversion - rather than demosaicking it simply reduces a bayer RGBG quad into one output pixel, which gives a very nice 9MP output file suitable for smaller outputs. The croppability of the 36MP image can be a get out of jail card, and at 1.2x mode it whips along at 5FPS 25MP. All in all a pretty useful all round camera.

If you had the choice again, would you still choose D800 over the D610?

My previous system was Canon. I would not have changed systems for the D610.

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