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Re: Don't do it

FrankParis wrote:

Monopods are only good for extremely heavy loads, where the inertia of the mass keeps it from swaying back and forth, and you said you want light. Notice monopods are common with professionals at sports events, when they have monstrous lenses on monstrous camera bodies. I tried a very nice and very light Slik for about a month and my results were worse than hand-holding.

That's what I thought and was my experience until I found a couple of monopod handling tips! The way sports photogs wrangle those massive lenses with the monopod positioned vertically just doesn't work well in the field with smaller cameras and lenses.

This was a real eye-opener! The first time I tried it it made a big difference in stability and my shots!

Sometimes, I'll just keep the monopod short and stick it into my belt or a front pocket. It's surprisingly solid.

I ended up going whole hog with a very light Gitzo tripod, since I have the same problem you have and can't lug much weight around anymore.

I have a full-blown Gitzo tripod, too, but I'm much more likely to carry a very light, very compact monopod, that weighs less than a pound (less than some of my lenses). There are many many times I just don't feel like wrestling with a tripod or am unsure whether or not I'll even use it, but want a bit more camera support, so being able to lash my monopod onto my bag and barely feel any extra weight or bulk is worth a lot!

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