Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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Re: Tired of hearing this fallacy about fstop equivalence.

Doctor Lecter wrote:


"While crop factor has a use simply to compare focal lengths between formats and such, the constant comparison of a smaller format lens to its full frame ‘equivalent’ aperture is largely unevenly applied and misunderstood. It’s often used to show that a smaller format is inferior or not capable of the same things as a larger format. In some cases, this usage is correct, but it is also nearly never used the other way.

I’ve heard many times “Yeah, your 75mm f/1.8 is crap – it’s like a 150mm f/3.6.” No, it’s not, it’s a 75mm lens with an f/1.8 aperture and a field of view that is the same as a 150mm lens on full frame.

What IS true is that the 75mm f/1.8 is not capable of the same ultra shallow depth of field as, say, something like the Sony Zeiss 135mm f/1.8 on full frame. However, this is essentially the ONLY way that it is inferior. It passes the same amount of light, and it exposes as an f/1.8 lens because it IS an f/1.8 lens"

I'm tired of hearing it, too. He tried it with me a few posts ago. I simply stopped arguing the issue. As I said in my post, f/2.8 is f/2.8 whether applied to 4:3, full frame, APS-C, a point and shoot, medium format or an 11 X 17 view camera. Other things come into play, for sure. But aperture is a constant.

My Canon 85mm f/1.8 is f/1.8 on my crop 40D and is f/1.8 on my full frame 5D. If this weren't so, none of us would ever know exactly what we're purchasing or what settings we're shooting at!

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