AF tunning what actually happens?????

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Re: To understand better - or maybe worse

Thanks Leonard, for calling my attention to these Nikon "instructions."  Reading them carefully after a morning cup of coffee I see that autofocus may not perform well with subjects with:

low contrast

very high contrast

subjects at different distances

subjects with regular patterns

subjects with fine, irregular details

Nikon seems to be saying, "Given how you are likely to use this camera, please do not expect too much from AF."

Overhanging all of this is the evidence offered by Marianne Oelund (not to my knowledge ever contradicted) that Nikon AF works at an effective aperture of f/5.6.  Perhaps this helps explain my general -- guarded and qualified -- satisfaction with Nikon (and Canon) AF:  I generally use f/5.6-f/9.  Those poor buggers who like to make photographs at f/2 or (Gasp!) f/1.4 would seem to be at something of a disadvantage.

Even at f/8, there are some inexplicable, seemingly random, failures of AF.

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