What is the best compact Canon these days.

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Re: What is the best compact Canon these days.

GeraldW wrote:

Keep the S95. Over the S100/110/120 they have added "features"; but as far as image quality goes, they are no better than the S95, and according to some, not as good.

If you weren`t able to actually test them yourself (and even that could be subjective and/or specific unit dependent), these are just (bad) speculations, and spreading these doesn`t do much good.

While the difference in CCD and CMOS sensors is totally up for a debate (and it depends which shooting conditions one prefers), a majority (not to say all) of the reviews have praised each next "S" iteration, especially as the ISO goes up (less light in the scene), where S120 is the highest rated one in terms of image quality in various conditions (for example, check DxOMark`s test results).

There is even a topic here where someone compared low light performance of S95 (or S90?) and S120 (or S110?), you may try to search for it.

Check out Marco Nero's posts on the S120. He was quite disappointed with the S120, and in his thread there were a number of votes for the S95.

Yes, and also make sure to read all the replies there (some of mine`s here and here), and also other people`s experience, here and on the internet, too.

Not going into the "best Canon compact", I`ll just say that I`m quite satisfied with S120, and I find that to be the most important thing : )

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