Comparing Olympus 4/3lenses to FX "Full Frame" offerings

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Re: remaining "ignorant"

Doctor Lecter wrote:

I beg to differ. *You* can remain ignorant on the subject if you wish... DOF changes, but fstops/apertures are the same regardless of sensor size. It's simple physics — the amount of light passing through the lens.

It's been that way since 8x10 view cameras vs. 4x5 vs. 35mm... did anyone used to say, "yeah, but f5.6 is REALLY f8 if you move to medium format, dude..."

FF fanboys love to use this fstop equivalence BS. It probably takes away some of the sting of having spent $4,000 bucks on a lens.

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Dr. Lecter

What's funny is how you try to project your own fanboy attitude onto those who are stating facts. Whether you recognize it or not, it's you who are in the fanboy camp, as evidenced by your $4,000 buck lens statement. That's exactly what you would spend on certain SHG lenses...before the botton dropped out of the 4/3's market.

My dad used to tell me that a person cannot be stupid today about something that he found out about today, only ignorant. If you choose to remain ignorant over time, you then become STUPID. For you to make such a statement about F-stops at this point is exactly what needlessly perpetuates the equivalence arguments.

You are blatantly choosing to ignore the difference between comparing something with itself and comparing it with something else. If you are half of my height, and we are built proportionately the same, have proportionately the same strength and ability, we would hypothetically be able to do things as long as everything stays PROPORTIONAL. However if we play basketball on a regulation goal, with you 3.5 feet tall, and me 7 feet tall, I'll have a definite advantage.

If what I understand about equvalence is correct, with all factors being the same, FF has a noise advantage over FT because the TOTAL light used to record the image is greater, and apparently that makes a difference in the quality of the resulting photo where noise is concerned. If that is the case, and in a given scenario, f5.6 represents a certain pupil size in one format, and f8, equals that same size in another format, then in the sense that pupil size plays a part in the resulting photo's properties, f5.6 IS f8, in the same way that in the basketball analogy, if we raise our heights to 8 feet and 4 feet respectively, at a proportional distance from the basket of 1.5 feet for you and three feet for me, your lay up shot is a standing dunk for me.

If that IS the case, being a FF fanboy has nothing to do with it.


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