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i certainly would, and i shoot just about everything. you may have to bump the ISO to get shots of the kids in motion, but the penalty is small in terms of noise in anything but the worst-lit places. just like anything else, it's enough of a technological leap that you will have to get used to the camera. the first few days, i was a little disappointed at my shots' sharpness, but after about a week my results got much better.

i really like the big files. i know that is one of the first things the naysayers shout about, but if you have a reasonably fast PC and a couple of USB 3.0 external hard disks, the editing and storage are quite manageable, to me. i don't crop a lot, but if you ever want to, the files are big enough that you can hack mercilessly and still have a lot of image left over.

i do tend to shoot with "better" glass, mostly f/1.4 primes, but even my MF nikkors seems to shine on the D800.

ever since the D300, i've pretty much stuck with the pro-level bodies, so this is one reason i won't discount in choosing the D800 over a D600 (although i had my D800 long before the D600 came out). there are just so many extra features, over and above the 51-point AF -- that i use, and that make this class of body more desirable for me.

all that said, i have no knock against the D600, and i've seen plenty of very nice pieces on this site and elsewhere that convince me that it's a solid choice. if, in the end, the cost, size and feature set of the D800 seem excessive, choose the D610. i'm sure you'll be pleased either way.

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