Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Re: Shutter Shock - Sony FF A7R

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Thinking about this shutter shock problem, more mass would dampen vibration and result in less blur. But there may be another factor in play which is sensor size. With a larger sensor, vibration is a smaller percentage of the image.

So it stands to reason that micro 4/3 sensors would exhibit more blur due to shutter shock, APS-C sensors less blur, and FF sensors the least amount of blur.


I don't think so, the new FF Sony A7R has big problems :

Correcto mundo. Guess with a larger sensor the shutter has to travel a longer distance which results in more impact when the shutter bottoms out, resulting in a larger shock wave. Compared to less impact on a smaller micro 4/3 sensor.

Funny how Sony knew enough to include an electronic first curtain shutter in the Alpha 7 which came "first" and made a purposeful decision to omit it in the Alpha 7R which came "second". Sony works in mysterious ways.

I would guess that the reason why the EFCS was omitted with the A7R is that the sensor (which is probably the same sensor as in the two years old Nikon D800) doesn't allow it, i.e., it takes too long to reset the entire sensor.

Which could also be why an RX version with this denser sensor and an SLT version with it have not come into being.

Maybe they could investigate a slow-scanning e-shutter like the Panasonic ones, and just market it as a fully silent mode or something.

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