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dlkeller wrote:

I see nothing rude or out of line in his comments although I might add the need for a clunky adaptor to use A mount lenses or buy over priced FE mount to his list of complaints. I didn't find the DPR analysis very encouraging for meeting what I want in a camera. Glad you are happy with yours, but then you also have the A99 to shoot with to avoid the A7 issues for those types of photography.

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OK it wasn't directed at any one person but I don't find the controls clunky at all and for some situations it's actually quicker and easier to control.

The IQ in the right conditions on the A7r is better, Gary complains about that versus his A77 with no explanation as to why his A77 could have better IQ.

He also says that you can't use studio strobes with it, well I've been shooting for clients in the studio with no issues.

Apologies for the negative comment - the posts I remember from you were about how much better Sony jpegs were than raw, despite the fact that you could convert and get the same results if that's what you wanted using IDC.  And the other one that sticks in my head is one where you are asking why someone would spend $4000 on a lens when your 18-135 is razor blade sharp and the way you ask the questions and made your point was very dismissive of the opposing view (and by inference those who bought it or work that way).

This one felt the same when I read and responded at 3ish this morning.

They haven't posted the a7r review yet, but I have read in their preview that it has a bad lag problem. They said that the a7 can't shoot with studio strobes because it doesn't have the Effect Off setting like the a77 does. The review just didn't look very tempting considering the price. As for image quality issues, it's all right there in the review, especially in JPEG.

I'm not really sure what the lag problem is that you're referring to - but the only time it's slower than my A99 for me is when I first turn it on after a battery change and it takes a few seconds to get all the way to active.

I know that the setting off feature is there on the A7r (as I use it more than on! ).  It's also in the menu section of the A7 review ( under the page two section) so I'm not really sure where the issue is there either.

I also remember lots of conversations about jpeg quality months ago on the forum Gary
Personally the only times I've seen a need for jpeg was on events shoots where it was about quantity giving the client something there and then and sports - for the same reason.  Anywhere that I know I'll have time to edit an image I shoot raw as I can do the conversions via IDC if I want the OOC jpegs (although that never happens - it's nearly always lightroom with my own recipe and tweaks on some of the images).
If I'm giving jpeg output on the spot then I know that the files aren't going to be as good as having hand processed each one - but that's OK as they are not fine art images.  For anything where ultimate image quality is key I always shoot raw.  So from my perspective measuring IQ by jpeg output is something that I don't even think about

I understand that this is just my view though and I know that yours was (and probably still is - different)

However, if you look at all of the first looks people were very impressed with the jpeg output on the A7r - so I would guess that this will be different.

Coming back to this camera - if you want a high speed monster then it's not the right camera anyway (but you didn't need a review or the jpeg output results to tell you that).

Now to the point of departure of a decision on purchasing. I was all on fire to lust after one of these versatile new bodies, but the review dampened that. Yah it's full frame. Yah it can take a number of lenses. But I am so happy with the a77 that I just don't see a rationale to make the jump, even if I could afford it.

Right - but that doesn't make the A7(r) a bad pair of cameras, it just means that the a77 is a better choice for you - you know yourself and your needs better than I do - so I am sure that you are making the right choice for you - and as I said in an earlier response if I could only keep one it would be the A99 - I prefer the A7r, I connect with it better and it makes photography more fun - but it's more limited as an all round tool than the A99, and it's my source of income so the more versatile tool that's good enough would win out for me as the ultimate keeper.

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