Question about Canon DSLR bodies w/150-500mm or 150-600mm

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Re: Question about Canon DSLR bodies w/150-500mm or 150-600mm

Jeff Peterman wrote:

So for the bodies where this works, the two sensor must sit further back so they can be the same width apart and still "see" out of a smaller opening.

AFAIK, all the AF arrays are in one plane, e.g. 5D III AF sensor -

You'd expect the two arrays that comprise a single f/2.8 AF point would be the ones farthest apart on the chip (like the cross-types in the centre), and the f/8 ones the closest together, but since the light comes to them through various mirrors, prisms, relay lenses... there is probably a fair bit of freedom in how far apart any two arrays can be positioned.

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