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tron555 wrote:

Aberaeron wrote:

I chose the G6 because of its light, compact, ergonomic form factor along with the really superb set of features, including focus peaking in manual focusing, touch screen and the number of customisable controls.

It is particularly compact with the super 14/140 10x zoom lens and I can easily carry it by its grip, just using my fingertips for long periods with no discomfort.

Video is great and so is the Panasonic wi-fi app.

It is such a good camera that I've bought a second one, partly due to the superb value for money of this camera. Have sold a Nikon DSLR to make room for it and lessen the pain for my wallet.

The menu system has taken a bit of getting used to and is one of two features I prefer on the Sony Alpha. The other is Sony's focus peaking which offers several colours and more distinct peaking.

No matter what kit you get, the trick is to get to know it as if it was an extension of your body and mind, to get the best from it as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal head-scratching. All cameras [and other kit, like a car] are different to each other with their own faults and advantages, but the purpose of all cameras is common, to record images. Never forget that.

It's just a shame that Panasonic did not include the same new and improved sensor in the G6 that was put in the GX7/GM1!!! What a tragic marketing/management decision that was. Oh well, there is always hopes for the G7

"Tragic" is a word that shouldn't be used lightly and certainly not in this case. There is nothing wrong with the G6 sensor and it is obviously a current design. The image engine of the camera has been improved over the previous model and so has the feature set and software. What's not to like?

They can update the sensor and design all they want for the next generation; it will not make the G6 less of a camera.

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