Sensor sizes and f stops

Started Jan 25, 2014 | Discussions thread
darklamp Veteran Member • Posts: 3,567
f-numbers are independent of sensor size

I wonder if there´s a way to directly correlate sensor size and fstop

The way exposure system values work is that they are designed to give the same exposure on different systems, regardless of sensor size ( or film size ).

So there is no correlation between sensor size and f-number.

What is sometimes done is to calculate an equivalent f-number for a system to relate it to another. This is normally based on depth of field formula. However this ONLY relates to depth of field. You can also calculate the absolute size of the aperture from the f-number and the sensor size and compare them that way.

While there are small differences from system to system, using the same ISO, shutter speed and aperture (f-number) will result in the same exposure.

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