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Re: The a7 Review

Some very interesting - and encouraging - comments about those who own these new cameras loving them and contradicting the review. I must go to the Sony store again and see if they have the 7r yet. I am all about image quality because I love to print BIG. I have just been on fire to shoot more and more pictures since I got the a77. I am one of those who started right at the opening bell with the a100 because it was the first affordable digital with 10 MP. It was a fantastic camera. I then got the a35 and had some problems with missed shots because it had no Release Priority setting. Also would give much heartache shooting flash and had color problems in certain WB modes.

The a77 eliminated ALL of those problems and added more features that I just keep on exploring. Haven't tried the PC contact for ordinary flash units yet, but that will be interesting because I used to have a Sunpak unit that could shoot rapidly with its external battery pack. Had to sell that because the Alphas didn't have a PC contact and the adapters were clumsy.

My industrial designer background goes for the new a7 series designs, so maybe I will take another look.

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