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Re: I just want to know how good the EVF is?

nandbytes wrote:

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

nandbytes wrote:

Why doesnt any one answer this question!?

How good is it compared to A57/A77/A99 (I know A99's is considerably better than A57, I am just giving a range)?

May be I will call sony next and ask them...

A99 is much better professional camera! No point in comparing here. IQ is probably on par.

A77 will have somewhat worse image quality vs A7 in some cases e.g. high iso or very fine detail. A77 is much faster and feels more solid in overall experience than A7. I would not buy A77 ever though as it is not well balanced from my perspective, NEX-7 is much better for me.

A57 is a beginner camera compared to A7. So no point of comparison here unless you need the phase detect focusing for Af tracking for example i.e. sports, animals those types of things A57 will do much better. Portraits, trips, fashion, studio, landscape, architecture, stock etc. A7 is just a different league compared to A57. You can get good images with both.

I guess you didn't read my main question in the title - "I just want to know how good the EVF is?"

I know the rest of story lol...

Sorry the VF ok.

A7 VF is same size as A99 or A77 (at least to my eyes the later two were identical)

A7 is a bit different than NEX-7 in terms of behaviour. I would assume A77 and a99 match nex-7.

On nex-7 frame rate was kept high and in poor light you will see noise in the viewfinder as signal gets boosted to provide you decent brightness simulating long exposure in the view finder.

A7 works in a bit different way it slows down frame rate and thus gather more light so less boost is needed and less noise is seen. This is with default settings. May be this behaviour can be changed iwht some advanced setting but I have not really dig this deep yet.

Another change is that on nex-7 the EVF tended to be too contrasty and shadow detail was often not well enough visualised. IT actually required one to take a picture to see how well shadows will develop. A7 EVF displays shadows much better. I am not sure if the later was problem in A77 or A99

In terms of comparison with lower spec cameras the EVF seems to be quite good. Fact that DPR could not find reason to complain about A7 EVF says a lot!

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