Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

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Re: We can't help you with this.

If you are asking, then the little camera is fine.  IMHO, anyways.  If you couldn't live without the 6D you'd already know that.  However, there are differences in how and what you shoot, what the people you are going with are going to be doing.  Etc., etc.  Prints?  How big?  Sharing?  Only on screen. No largish prints, no low light?

Yes the RX100 is a serious step up from the S100.  And there aps-c compacts which step up from there.  Nor can "we" leave out the m43rds.  Or we can, actually.

Here's what I'm doing these days.  Going to Italy.  May be my only trip.  Ever.  To that part of the world.  Just got an NEX-6 with the kit lens.  I have a D200 and a couple of lenses, 50/1.8, a 12-24 Tokina, 18-70 and 70-300.  I doubt I'd have used the 70-300 much but am kicking myself that there will be some detail type shots, etc., I'm going to miss.  (Not withstanding it never came out of the backpack on my trip to Washington, DC).  I'm really more likely to miss the 12-24.  I thought about just upgrading the D200 to the D7100 but I really don't need or want to carry all of that.  Well, I do but I don't...  So I understand the dilemma.  I even thought, go with the D5300 but it won't drive the 12-24 - which by the time I replaced the wide, I'd be at D7100 dollars and not needing the new wide.  But due to some job changes, can't really afford to flesh out the NEX and more lenses it seems.  My wife really wants this to be a family trip and not just a photo expedition.  We want to see things, may be moving around a lot and may not have a lot of time for concentrated slow picture taking.

Howevr, I've been practicing with it - and it is different!  and I'm getting some kinds of shots that I can't with the D200 (otoh, under other circumstances, the D200 does things the MEX doesn't).

So if nothing else, I feel your pain.  But not sure we can help.  Becuase it's the things you do or need that answer the questions.

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