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JamieTux wrote:

Had Gary highlighted that his camera choice still felt like the right one for him following the review or even highlighted why the A77 is better instead of putting down someone else's choice based on one review then I would have not responded.

As for my feelings on the A99 vs the A7r, I've posted them a few times in the forum. Biggest wins of the A99 for me are IBIS, ergonomics with longer lenses, the more articulated screen and battery life. A7r wins on IQ, portability and lens choices (I have m mount lenses too). If I could have only one and had to use it for everything it would be the A99 but despite that at the moment at least I prefer the A7r and find it more fun.

There is no perfect camera, even a lot of money cannot buy the perfect camera. Nice to know A77 worked for OP but really the A7 and A77 compete in different categories. The A7 competes with the A99 and D800 not the A77. A good camera is what is good for YOU and suits your needs. To answer your question regarding the viewfinder, the A7 has a nice and bright XGA OLED EVF which is pretty good IMO.

But we love to discuss gear don't we? Coming to the comparison with A99, you have great points but let me add the following pros and cons so it may help someone deciding between the A7 and A99:

Pros of the A99 over the A7 (There might be other minor advantages which I may have left out)

1. Some people like the "big and fuller" feel of the camera.
2. Dual memory card slots are good for professional photographers
3. GPS
4. More articulated screen (Nice for video shooting)
5. Focus Limiter (*)
6. SLT for relatively faster AF (**)
7. Better battery life due to size (***)
8. IBIS (****)
9. According to DPReview, better JPEG quality (*****)
10. ISO limiter but I am not sure of this and whether it has any advantage

* If you are using quality lenses, they should have AF limiter switches
** You can make an A7 AF faster than the A99 by using an SLT adapter for $348
*** The A7 batteries are much smaller so you can pop in a couple in your pocket to compensate
**** Non issue if you are shooting faster than 1/focal length for stills but useful in video
***** Non issue if you shoot RAW

Pros of the A7 over the A99

1. Better image quality at all ISO (I can post the image quality chart again if someone needs it). I think the A7r leads and A7 follows closely.Tha A99 is no slouch, but technically behind the A7/A7r.
2. WiFi (Although A99 does support EyeFi)3. Much better focus points. The focus points on the A99 barely touch the rules of thirds grid, if you use AF-D its slightly better. The A7 has focus poins almost all around the sensor (CD+PD combined)
4. Much more Portable
5. It is compatible with an extraordinary amount of lenses because you can get adapters for different lens mounts. You can get very creative with this flexibility.
6. Cost - Body is $1700, around $1000 (50%) less than an A99 - Lets exclude freebies for now.
7. Subject tracking is much more usable as AF points cover larger area.
8. Better post processing support - Lightroom/Camera RAW already have built in profiles for E mount lenses for correction/compensation (useful if you shoot RAW and do not use IDC).
9. A7r is actually cheaper than A99 and will give you even better image quality
10. Can be converted into an SLT as needed with the adapter to provide fast AF (faster than A99 with native A mount lenses) with the new, faster processor (*)
11. Apps provide creativity like time lapse videos. Almost limitless possibilities depending on what apps/software you use.

* Even after adding an SLT adapter the A7 is far less light and less bulkier than the A99 if portability is your concern.

I just started posting my A7 pics on my Flickr stream.It also has some A500 photos. I can bet that without reading the description, you will not be able to determine which camera shot which pictures

I bought the A7 because FOR ME image quality and cost were the most important considerations. I couldn't find a better camera and decent kit lens for around $2000 which takes good pictures at all ISOs.

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