Thinking of migrating from NEX to Fuji X

Started Jan 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: that though may have occurred to many ...

Were these JPegs or PP raws??   If they are both JPGs then the smearing is present in the Fuji JPGs, but could be corrected by RAW processing?   There's another thread here in which many are very happy with the JPGs out of camera from Fuji. I shoot most of my snapshots never expecting to print very large, mostly share online and view on ipads, etc.,  so a lot of the time it's JPG only. However for more important images, then sure, RAW and processing. But I would not want smearing in the JPG from the camera...I certainly am thinking of switching to Fuji. Had a XE-2 but returned it, the flip up LCD of my NEX 5N has me spoiled. My interest is in the new model XT-1.

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