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Ron Joiner wrote:

I am waiting for mine to arrive in the next 2-3 days. Why, I want it for the video since I am doing more of that recently. The EPL-5 video is OK but not great and I am looking for something better which, I believe will be the case for the G6.

I don't expect the jpegs to be any better than the EPL-5 so I am prepared to use both cameras together, the EPL-5 for stills and the G6 predominantly for video.

Secondly, I use the VF2 exclusively on the EPL-5 and will appreciate a built-in viewfinder. I understand the OLED viewfinder is very good.

The fully articulating screen is also a plus for me. The EPL-5 has limited articulation so I will see an improvement in that area. Generally I will see areas of improvement in the shortcomings of the EPL-5.

For me I believe it is the right choice.


Thanks for your time Ron. Never done any video with with a "still"

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Cheers IanB
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