Thinking of migrating from NEX to Fuji X

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Re: Thinking of migrating from NEX to Fuji X

gbert15 wrote:

Nice nice! Thanks for that info on your experience! Basically I am currently shooting with a NEX-6 right now and have the touit 12/2.8, zeiss 24/1.8, sony 55-210, and an adapted Pentax Takumar SMC 50/1.4 and I envy you guys a lot with all these fast lenses at your disposal! My current line up can easily be changed with better lenses if I migrate to fuji! The main selling point though is the 23/1.4 since that is my fav focal length and it seems to be one heck of a lens!

How was your experience though on af speed and the fuji menu system?I know the menu system if the nex is a mess so how much easier was the fuji menu system to use compared to the sony? I wish they had modern bodies though but its not a deal breaker at all! I am shooting with my camera anyway and not taking pics of it! Hehe!

AF speed with the X-E2 is fine, I really see no difference from my experience with the NEX-5t. Of course it's not meant to be a sports camera. But for the work I do in environmental portraiture and Japanese Gardens, it certainly fast enough. And the finder is excellent, especially if you wear eyeglasses as I do. The finder on the X-T1 will be even better.

Fuji has a simple, straightforward, and logically laid-out menu system. But the main point about the X-T1 is that its external controls are so well laid-out that they put every major exposure option within a finger-reach. Which means you simply won't have to use the menus for most any regular setting. And of course there's always the "Q" button to bring up the most used menus if you want them.

If you plan on using native lenses, I don't see how you can go wrong with the Fuji XF lineup. I'll add the 56mm f1.2 when it's out. And I use a Leica 90mm f2.8 Elmarit-M for a longer prime when I don't want to use the 55-200 XF zoom which is excellent for landscape work. When Fuji adds a longer prime I'll get that as well. A great lineup and all developed to match the sensor-size.

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