Thinking of migrating from NEX to Fuji X

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Re: Thinking of migrating from NEX to Fuji X

Prior to getting my X-E1, I had a NEX-5 for almost a year. I had the 18-200 Tamron zoom on it and I thought it was a great travel camera.

The Sony has focus-by-wire like the Fuji, but whenever the power is turned off or goes into standby, the focus position is reset. This was very bad when I was pre-focused to take pictures of a float plane taking off from the lake. Missed shots

Taking pictures of the moon rise over a mountain lake, I set it on my tripod and waited for the moon to move into position. Same problem… camera goes into standby and focus is lost. Focus peaking is useless in this situation and focus zoom only zoomed into the center of the image so I had to take the camera off the tripod to refocus. :-x. The Fuji remembers where the focus is even after you turn it off.

I tend to do change a lot of settings on the fly and I hated menu diving with the NEX… and some of the settings go deep. Exposure compensation didn't work with the scene modes I liked to use, so It was almost pointless to use them because the exposures were never predictable. HDR is disabled in some of them too. The Q button on the Fuji lets you quickly jump to the major setting in the camera.

Those are a few of the things with the Sony that made me swear at the camera! Up to that point, I've never sore at a camera. (usually the anger is directed to myself for doing something stupid).

Perhaps I needed more time with the NEX to get the most of the system, but with the X-E1 I was able to get it to do exactly what I want all the time, right from the beginning.  It is a fantastic camera for anyone who prefers manual control.

Compared to the Nex-5, D700, and D200, I was wowed by the Fuji IQ. This summer I plan to start using the X-E1 instead of the D700 for a few of my shoots. That's how confident I am with the system.

Regardless, my decision to move to Fuji was because I disliked the Sony operation an interface.  If I was happy with how the NEX cameras worked, I doubt I would have changed.

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