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dlkeller wrote:

I see nothing rude or out of line in his comments although I might add the need for a clunky adaptor to use A mount lenses or buy over priced FE mount to his list of complaints. I didn't find the DPR analysis very encouraging for meeting what I want in a camera. Glad you are happy with yours, but then you also have the A99 to shoot with to avoid the A7 issues for those types of photography.

OK it wasn't directed at any one person but I don't find the controls clunky at all and for some situations it's actually quicker and easier to control.

The IQ in the right conditions on the A7r is better, Gary complains about that versus his A77 with no explanation as to why his A77 could have better IQ.

He also says that you can't use studio strobes with it, well I've been shooting for clients in the studio with no issues.

Add that to Garys past negativity and that's why I saw it as a slight on other people's choices, apologies if I caused offence.

Had Gary highlighted that his camera choice still felt like the right one for him following the review or even highlighted why the A77 is better instead of putting down someone else's choice based on one review then I would have not responded.

As for my feelings on the A99 vs the A7r, I've posted them a few times in the forum.  Biggest wins of the A99 for me are IBIS, ergonomics with longer lenses, the more articulated screen and battery life.  A7r wins on IQ, portability and lens choices (I have m mount lenses too).  If I could have only one and had to use it for everything it would be the A99 but despite that at the moment at least I prefer the A7r and find it more fun.

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