Should I buy Lightroom 5

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Re: Should I buy Lightroom 5

The biggest problem new users have with Lightroom is that they don't want to take the time to set up a good cataloging system. If you aren't willing to invest some time doing this then you will never like using LR.

Matt Kloskowski - No Time To Get Organized in Lightroom? Then Don’t! | Lightroom Killer Tips

This is a good general overall reference. As you learn LR use the different tutorials to help you learn how to use the different LR modules efficiently.

Adobe TV - Learn Lightroom 5

This is a good tutorial on how to set up LR to optimize its performance.

Adobe TV - Optimize performance | Lightroom

I recommend you review your image file storage scheme and make sure it is something logical that helps you find images you have stored. After that set up a logical cataloging and keywording scheme. The file storage and cataloging schemes don't have to match but they both should make sense to you. Keywording is very important since it can let you quickly find one image out of thousands.

B&H - Tim Cooper - Adobe Lightroom: The Library Module, Order from Chaos - YouTube

B&H - Tim Grey - Organizing Photos with Adobe Lightroom - YouTube

Scott Kelby Guest Blog - Seth Resnick - Lightroom Keywording in the Library Module

Once you get your catalog scheme up and running it is time to see what you can do in post production with RAW images.

B&H - Tim Grey - Optimizing Photos in Lightroom - YouTube

This is another good tutorial but it isn't free. I start with a slightly modified version of Jack Davis's Five Step Tango (FST) but I freely change the order of the steps when demanded by the individual images. You can learn a lot by following the FST then once you become comfortable with editing images you'll find yourself doing the same thing.

B&H - Tim Grey - Optimizing Photos in Lightroom - YouTube

Five Step Tango for Lightroom by Jack Davis with Contrast Adjustment Added

1. WB and Crop

2. Auto - With a bit of tweaking this works about 50% of the time. If you don't like the results just smile and hit Undo.

3. Exposure

4. Whites

5. Vibrance
(Contrast if necessary)

These two tutorials show you just how much you can do in LR.

AdobeTV - Terry White - How To Do A Complete Portrait Retouch in Lightroom 5

Serge Ramelli - PLP # 40 - New Lightroom 5 beta retouching tutorials - YouTube

Once you get your edits finished you want to get the images out of LR. This first reference will be a bit of a review on optimizing images but the rest deals with exporting them as files to share.

B&H - Tim Grey - Optimizing and Sharing Photos With Lightroom 5

B&H - Robert Rodreguez - Master the Lightroom 5 Print Module

Once you begin being comfortable in LR you want to become more efficient so you need to learn keyboard shortcuts.

Adobe Lightroom 5 Keyboard Shortcuts - The Lightroom Queen

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