after the DA 55-300... which lens is "better" ?

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Re: after the DA 55-300... which lens is "better" ?

brandrx wrote:

jf_tea wrote:

brandrx wrote:

IMO: If the new HD DA 1.4X TC is in fact true, and it works properly with the DA*60-250/4 and DA*300/4 lenses then I think either of those two lenses is the way to go.

I suggest that you wait until after CP+ in February before making a decision. We are all hoping that the new Pentax 1.4X is announced then (maybe sooner even).

Thanks Ron,

That is a very good tip.

If it really comes out with AF, then, I could also use it with my SMC 200mm f/4 (K serie),

It is an AF teleconverter but it would not autofocus with that lens.. However, the Pentax-F 1.7X AF Adapter will.

There are a few of those on EBay, but, the minimal BiN price is around $400. A bit pricey for a used TC, I think.

Have you though of trying catch-in-focusing with that 200/4 + a teleconverter?

First, I should try catch-in-focus with the 200/4 directly.

which I found to be quite sharper than the DA 55-300 at 200mm.

I guess that this HD DA 1.4X TC with the DA*300 would give 420mm f/5.6, no?

That is correct. And the name of the 1.4X contains AW which suggests that it might be an all weather (AW) lens. However, the image that is show does not show any seals.


Thanks again Ron.

I will see when it's announced. The announcement will probably indicates clearly if it is WR or not.


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