Canon 330 HS vs S110 I know I know

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Re: Canon 330 HS vs S110 I know I know

Why would I want to carry the ELPH 340 as opposed to my S110??

The 340 has a small sensor (2.3) with 16MPs crammed onto it. Plus the lens is super slow compared to the S110 (2.0 X 5.9 compared to F3.6 to 7.0) and the S120 has an even faster lens, altho not by much. Outdoors in very good light the 340 would do okay. But even then any ISO above 400 would be very noisy.

The only logical reason to buy the 340 is the cost and the size. It ain't that much smaller than the S110!  I'm sure these "little" cameras sell well or Canon wouldn't make 'em. My wife carries her ELPH SD980 IS in her purse (she bought it) and "I just love this little camera, darlin' " !  But then I have to photoshop her shots for her. But I will say that, all-in-all, her camera does pretty good considering.

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