Major frustration in D800 AF Tuning even with DotTune Method

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Re: Major frustration in D800 AF Tuning even with DotTune Method

ZionImage wrote:

I'm trying to AF Fine Tune my D800 with various Nikon lens using DotTune method developed by Horshackdescribed in his youtube video DotTune: Autofocus fine tuning in under 5 minutes

What you will find is there is a board range where the "dot is still on."  Which sitting is right.  Then if you are using a zoom you change the focal length and things will change.  The you change the distance and things will change.

That is physics.  The goal should not be to fine AF offsets for lenses but to take photographs.

First thing is to forget all this forces target nonsense - it would be great if the only thing you took pictures of was focus targets.  Go out and find a target - one you would normally take a picture of. Make sure it has a lot of detail.   Set up a tripod at a nominal distance you will most often use with a lens.  Forget the rules.  Do the live view focus and take a shot.  Better yet manual focus on live view and take an image.  Then if you have some idea of what the fine tune should be and start there.  Take images at settings +/- 8 on either side.  If you have no idea take raw images at -20 to +20.  Down load the images into you raw converter and covert them with no sharping.

Find when are the sharpest.  That is you fine tuning.

Paper targets and rulers are wonderful if all you ever plan to photograph is paper targets and rulers.


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