Did you know using PS is cheating?

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Re: Did you know using PS is cheating?

chkproductions wrote:

Here we go again. It is amazing how often this topic comes up in the various forums on this site. Photography wasn't invented only to capture unmanipulated images. How did that concept ever get legs?

I certainly fall into the 'anything goes' camp. My goal is to try to create photos of interest and I dont really think there is such a thing as 'overprocessing' but there is certainly 'bad processing'.

However, I do think there is a very definite role for 'unprocessed' photos. We can see how important new corporations consider this from this story about a prize winning photographer being sacked for manipulating an image.


As another example take this photograph...

It only makes sense from the view point that it is unmanipulated (it is a shot of a moon rise while the sun is setting.) You could obviously create this in photoshop in a few minutes but what would be the point.

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