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Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

Should I remind you of the ghosting artefacts since A55 and onwards? Should we discuss EVF lag vs. DSLR?

The ghosting artifacts were eliminated by a redesign of the mirror with all SLTs after the A55. This is from the DPR review.

"There was a lot of discussion when the A55 was released of an issue known as 'ghosting'. This was evident in early SLT cameras, and took the form of faint 'ghost' images of bright highlights in some images. Most of the time ghosting was completely invisible, but we did find a few examples amongst our thousands of test shots which exhibited the phenomenon - caused by internal reflections inside the SLT mirror.

We're pleased to report that the SLT-A77's images are free from ghosting. Even in situations like the scene above - a nighttime street scene, overexposed from the metered exposure to ensure that the bright highlights are clipped - there is no ghosting to be seen at all. Sony's claims to have improved the SLT technology in its newest generation cameras are borne out in our testing."

The lag issue has been hashed out over and over. It is no longer even discussed because it is simply not an issue. Even the slideshow effect isn't a problem once you get used to it. I use it successfully shooting sports and other moving subjects all the time. It's not a problem for me.

So you know ghosting from SLT + not so accurate focusing..lack of OVF...I am better off with A7 - no OVF either but the rest is working as expected. I also get those manual focus tools "that desperately need improvement" as per DPR. Fortunately on my copy of the A7 camera I have somehow improved version of firmware with very nice and working focusing aids so not a problem for me.

Your claims are wrong and you would know that except you don't shoot with an SLT camera. All you know is from inaccurate second hand information. I find SLT focusing very accurate.

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