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Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

Hi Kiril

Many have tested sony cameras out by removing the SLT mirror and comparing. IQ seems to be the same with or without the mirror. I am not sure where you get the idea IQ is crippled, other than the 1-2 stop of light loss. Light loss does not equate to crippled IQ.

Jimmy I have been shooting A mount for 9 years and following closely every Sony prduct in this timeframe and I will not buy SLT. I hope Sony soon return to DSLR.

You will be waiting a while, they have stated they will no longer produce traditional mirror based DSLRs.

Should I remind you of the ghosting artefacts since A55 and onwards? Should we discuss EVF lag vs. DSLR?

Which was resolved in subsequent camera releases, and in the a55 and a33 was generally accepted to be a non issue.

I also have another problem with SLT which is that AF is not improved nearly as much as it should be despite the IQ and EVF lag hit that we take. I owned Nikon D600 and D700 for a while and AF is substantially more accurate than Sony's phase detect AF seen in cameras like A99 included.

AF speed is super fast on my a77. You are correct Sony is not so advanced with their af like other manufacturers, but how does this relate to the IQ crippling of SLT you mentioned?

All I want is a simple thing a full frame camera with 85/1.8 lens that does not err in focusing ever. Nikon does err some times. A99 errs much more often and has no 85/1.8 lens. NEX-7 with 50/1.8 never goes wrong! Same goes for A7 now - no errors in focusing at all.

Its is always best to select the best camera that suits your needs or you desire, I think this is something that is fundamental. I just find it odd you find the a99 focusing bad when you have never owned this SLT camera.

So you know ghosting from SLT + not so accurate focusing..lack of OVF...I am better off with A7 - no OVF either but the rest is working as expected. I also get those manual focus tools "that desperately need improvement" as per DPR. Fortunately on my copy of the A7 camera I have somehow improved version of firmware with very nice and working focusing aids so not a problem for me.

DPr commentary on manually focusing tools on the a7 seems to have received a lot of criticism from those actually using the camera. I am not sure if you should put much weight onto this, but suit yourself of course, its your money.

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