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JimmyMelbourne wrote:

Hi Kiril

Many have tested sony cameras out by removing the SLT mirror and comparing. IQ seems to be the same with or without the mirror. I am not sure where you get the idea IQ is crippled, other than the 1-2 stop of light loss. Light loss does not equate to crippled IQ.

Jimmy I have been shooting A mount for 9 years and following closely every Sony prduct in this timeframe and I will not buy SLT. I hope Sony soon return to DSLR.

Should I remind you of the ghosting artefacts since A55 and onwards? Should we discuss EVF lag vs. DSLR?

I also have another problem with SLT which is that AF is not improved nearly as much as it should be despite the IQ and EVF lag hit that we take. I owned Nikon D600 and D700 for a while and AF is substantially more accurate than Sony's phase detect AF seen in cameras like A99 included.

All I want is a simple thing a full frame camera with 85/1.8 lens that does not err in focusing ever. Nikon does err some times. A99 errs much more often and has no 85/1.8 lens. NEX-7 with 50/1.8 never goes wrong! Same goes for A7 now - no errors in focusing at all.

So you know ghosting from SLT + not so accurate focusing..lack of OVF...I am better off with A7 - no OVF either but the rest is working as expected. I also get those manual focus tools "that desperately need improvement" as per DPR. Fortunately on my copy of the A7 camera I have somehow improved version of firmware with very nice and working focusing aids so not a problem for me.

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