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Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

Glad you like A77! Great camera despite the SLT technology that cripples IQ.

I hope soon enough sony give us new generation of DSLR! It seems inevitable given the new high quality A mount lenses that SLT cannot justify.

Anyway if you consider A7 as a secondary body or even replacement. I would advise you to look at a reviewer that does not have strong association with a merchant that may be tempted by commissions form other brands. DPR did historically made bad comments about Sony products well beyond reality. A7 is just the same case.

Some reviews I found good are:

1. DxO Lab report on sensor performance

2. Camera Labs evaluation of all camera parameters and performance vs. Nikon an dCanon products in the same price range

3. Steve Huff series of articles on using A7 and A7r in various circumstances with manual and AF glass.

4. Focus Numerique if you happen to like french.

5. Imaging Resource that happen to do quite a big deep dive into A7r and go as far as rating it camera of the year! wow how dumb given DPR's sarcastic review.

..and countless others that strangely enough can tweak their JPEG settings and also are able to use the various camera modes.

Note that the JPEG & RAW quality and Auto ISO on A77 or A99 are not any better compared to A7. So....

Hi Kiril

Many have tested sony cameras out by removing the SLT mirror and comparing. IQ seems to be the same with or without the mirror. I am not sure where you get the idea IQ is crippled, other than the 1-2 stop of light loss. Light loss does not equate to crippled IQ.

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