Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Re: Starting a business specializing in portraiture

If you put your camera bag down and some one trips over it, breaks their nose, drops their iPad, smashes their Rolex, without insurance you will be footing the bill....if the person that trips is a model and has a scar on their face, you'll be paying a lot, lot more....That's Public Liability..

Say you're hired to shoot a wedding, you drop your camera into the lake where the reception is, memory cards gone, never to be seen again. Who do you think will be footing the bill to restage the wedding so the brideband groom get their photos that you're contracted to give them? Yup, it's you. This is Public Indemnity.

Can you work without insurance? Sure you can, but accidents happen, and the more you do something the increased likelihood of IT happening to you.

If you never believe it will happen to you, it will. And if lawyers get involved you could be paying thousands and thousands.

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