Do I have potential?

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Re: Do I have potential?

ttbek wrote:

Here is my opinion on this. We should simply be open about whatever it is we are doing to our images. It's actually really awesome if you can get a photorealistic whale on your coach. Now with something that out there it probably no one would mistake it as real, you wouldn't want PETA or something upset with you for stranding whales in your living room. I feel that talking pictures and doing post are two very different skill sets, many professional photographers actually have other people that do their post production. So why don't we just try to keep straight who should get credit for what? I guess that many people here, as photographers, are more concerned with capturing the original shot, so they feel PS is cheating a bit because it can make a humdrum shot look better than a shot they took that was better before the post work transformed that humdrum shot. I think this animosity would be less if when posting the shot people say something like: "check out this awesome save I did of a photo I took at Everest" instead of "check out this awesome photo I took." This also might spark some collaboration between people that shoot well and people that edit well. Of course there are also people that are very good at both of these skills.

I've only observed animosity going in one direction - from those who don't retouch against those who do. Perhaps I'm naive because I don't have animosity for those who don't retouch, but that's how I see it. With nothing more than a motive to be helpful to the OP, whose composition by the way I complimented and who actually invited a retouch, I did a quick retouch on the little girl portrait because (1) I like portrait retouching - something I've worked at over the years and (2) I thought the portrait was itself excellent and certainly good material to work with.

For what it's worth yes I like taking pictures. And if you check out both my link in my signature as well as challenge entries (over time I've racked up a fair number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd wins) you'll see this to be the case. However, call me crazy, but I also love post process (including but not limited to retouching of portraits).

But this seems to make me unwelcome outside of the Retouching Forum, and it's just astounding how some people react to my post process efforts, most recently with Florida Nature Photography saying ""Another reason that I stay away from PhotoShop/Elements. To me that is cheating". I don't get that at all since he admits to using Lightroom and even showed a copy of an image he post processed which made it something other than the "reality" captured by his camera - and as many of us (but obviously not Florida Nature Photography) know, even the camera doesn't capture "reality" because it is a tool that the user deploys to manipulate light and dynamic range. So even though Florida Nature Photography modifies light and contrast, and undoubtedly crops his images to further his artistic prerogative, that is somehow okay but what I do to retouch a portrait and put a new background behind her is "cheating" in his book.

And while I'm on the topic of hostility - is it just my imagination, or do you also sense that people who use Lightroom are quick to denigrate those who use Photoshop and to tell people new to post processing that Lightroom is a "much better" tool for post process. Oh well, that's just another mystery of the universe I won't be able to unravel.

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