Did you know using PS is cheating?

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Re: On understanding what a writer says

Historicity wrote:

I wrote that I had misjudged your motives and assumed you wanted to continue to rail at Flordia. You then said my interpretation of your motives was wrong. When I asked you what your motive was, you didn't respond. In philosophy, given that all language is ambiguous, we "approach the truth through dialogue," i.e., one person makes a statement. The next might ask, "are you saying X?" The first person might then say, "no, I am saying Y." Even that might be misunderstood but it should more closely approach the truth.

In the present case Florida made a statement and instead of asking what he meant you said, "you are saying X." Florida attempted dialogue by saying, "no, I am saying Y." Instead of accepting Florida's statement, you (and others) responded with "no, you are not. You are saying X."

If you re-read the thread, you will see my response to Florida was not, nor was it intended to be, a debate as to the meaning of his words. Rather, Florida made the flat out verbatim statement "I didn't say that using PhotoShop is cheating". My response ascribed no intention or meaning to his statement other than to point out, again verbatim, exactly what Florida had previously said which utterly and completely contradicted his statement. Specifically I quoted Florida who had said "Another reason that I stay away from PhotoShop/Elements. To me that is cheating".

In other words, contrary to your view of how discourse should proceed, I didn't ask "are you saying X?" because frankly I didn't feel like getting into a debate with him. Then Florida made the demand "Please stop mis-characterizing my statements", which of course was absurd since I merely quoted his statement without any editorial comment.

The simple fact is that those were Florida's words. I didn't add or subtract anything from them. Again, his plain words that I simply quoted without editorial comment were "Another reason that I stay away from PhotoShop/Elements. To me that is cheating".

And as far as not responding to your demand that I explain myself, I exercised my prerogative to not get drawn into a debate with you. I respect your right to think whatever you may of my motives, but you should respect my right to decline your invitation to a debate. And no matter what inferences you chose to draw from me not responding to your invitation to debate, at the end of the day, you are incapable of truly knowing what is in my mind or heart.

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