Thinking of migrating from NEX to Fuji X

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Re: Thinking of migrating from NEX to Fuji X

I migrated from Sony NEX (5n + 5t) with a full compliment of Sony and Sigma E-mount lenses along with the Zeiss 24mm. I too wanted a tilt-screen but went with two X-E2 bodies and now a full compliment of XF lenses and, importantly, Capture One to convert raw files (see my profile for lens specifics). I'm will add the X-T1 with grip as soon as it's available since it gets, well, just everything right in terms of control placement. I realized after I switched the degree to which I had missed the easy fluidity of analog controls. With the X-T1 you'll be abel to see all your basic settings with a glance of your eye, with direct finger control of each of them.

I lost nothing with this migration in terms of resolution (the Fuji lenses are excellent, e.g. the 23mm is superior to the Zeiss 24). Color reproduction is superior, most especially with jpegs, now that Capture One has settled the X-Trans problems of other conversion programs. Files "pop" with natural grace. I'm very pleased.

The original temptation for me was moving up to Sony A7/7r. But Fuji's XF lens line-up is well-thought out, is optically excellent, fits my hands well, and costs less than Sony's mostly still-to-be FF lenses. And Fuji's M-mount adapter, while relatively expensive, works exceptionally well with my Leica and Zeiss M-mount lenses and my LTM lenses.

If you want more feedback and reviews on going with Fuji XF, I suggest googling the "Admiring Light" webpage....

In sum: I have no regrets at all with switching from NEX and now that the hype of Sony A7/7r is settling down (see the review here of the A7), I'm not second-guessing that option either.

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