Do I have potential?

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Re: Do I have potential?

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Is there any way I can download your version of the pic? I'd love to send it to my friend (the girl's mum!) She'd love it!

okay I created a new version - same retouch of the little girl's face but no change of background. FYI, in addition to lifting shadows on the face, I sharpened up the eyes and enlarged the pupils just a bit, reduced circles under the eyes and used a warming filter because I thought the original had a touch of blue in it. Retouches of children are tricky and the goal should be to avoid anything that approaches adult features/makeup.

If you click below and open the full size version, you'll be able to copy and send it to your friend. Again, if you want to see other versions, I encourage you to post it on the retouching forum and specifically ask that in addition to retouching, people explain their workflow to you. In particular I hope Peano (David) picks up on it because he's so good at these types of retouches. Here's his website which shows before and after - he's really quite talented.

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