Starting a business specializing in portraiture

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Re: Starting a business specializing in portraiture

So you want to run a business and you know nothing about model release forms or photographic law?

Google escaped you?

Ok you're about to enter one of the most competitive industries. There's something like more photography students released every year than there are working photographers in the country, add to that every Tom, Dick and Harry who own a DSLR and wants to be a photographer and you really have to stand out, work hard and do your research to survive.

By research I don't mean asking questions on a "pro" forum. Do a business plan...Google "Business Plan" that will be the single most important document to starting up your business. Next get a copy of the AOP's Beyond the Lens...Google "AOP Beyond the Lens" In there you will find more relevant information than you will on here. Read the book from cover to cover, then go back and read it again. Then you'll find the answer to your question, and many more you'll come up with.

If you can't be bothered to buy a book and read it, you'll have little hope in this industry.

Now if you think I'm sounding harsh, it's because I'm a professional. I went to college to learn my trade. I also learnt about best business practice, model releases, public indemnity, public liability etc etc. While I was there. Being a professional photographer isn't about taking photographs, it's about running a business, that happens to sell images.

If you're still reading this...a model release form is needed if you want to sell or use the images of that person for non-editorial use. Whether the person you're shooting calls themed a model or not.

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