Be wary of UK Grey Imports (Nikon DF)

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Be wary of UK Grey Imports (Nikon DF)

I received my Nikon DF today from a major UK retailer that was advertised in their "used" section.

However when it arrived I noticed it was in a body only box, I expected it to arrive in a kit box but just without the lens. I thought this because I know that the body only is not available in the UK.

I got a little suspicious when the box had (HK) on the side and contacted Nikon who confirmed it was not a UK model.

I paid £2299 from a leading UK retailer for this and didn't expect them to sell grey imports given the fact the dedicate a full page to " why not to buy a grey import" and why all their stock is UK only.

I emailed the company and they said it was unfortunate that it had slipped through the net and they don't knowingly sell grey imports, new or used. They said they would extend the warranty period to cover the remaining period (10 months) from the initial cover of 6 months offered.  However Nikon said they couldn't guarantee to repair goods purchased outside the UK.

As such I dont want to pay £2299 for something that will now depreciate quicker due to the fact its a grey import. In fact you can buy a grey import body only for about £1700.

Be interesting to see what the retailer response is!

Oh, and when I checked the actuations it had almost double the amount they advertised!

Not great for a company that gets retailer of the year every year!!!!


Nikon Df
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