B&H: What a superb vendor

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Re: B&H are excellent vendors.

Kevin Jorgensen wrote:

I've bought my entire kit off the ''grey'' market, never ever had a problem. It seems to me the dealers to avoid are the legit ones mentioned in this forum. Faulty cameras, faulty lenses, lenses that don't or won't focus properly. I read where one guy returned 7 copies of the same lens until he got a ''good'' one. Good thing they do have a good return policy, sounds like they need it.

You got lucky.   If seven-eight months since, any of your gear developed an issue and required warranty repair, you would get the taste of what 'grey market' means.

B&H is a massive vendor.    For every faulty camera or lens you hear about, there are 10,000 silent customers completely satisfied with what they bought.    It sure sucks to be that 1 out of 10,000, but your chances to get shafted on the grey market are way higher.

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