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On understanding what a writer says

brick33308 wrote:

Historicity wrote:

Florida Nature Photography was brought here to be lambasted all over again with nothing learned and nothing interesting being discussed.

you are incorrect as to my motivation for this thread.

I initially attributed the noblest of motives to you --- taking an issue from an acrimonious debate and bringing it over here so people could discuss the "realistic mode" of photography versus the "artistic mode."  But then as this thread developed you railed at Florida much as you did on the thread this came from; so I assumed that my assumption about your motives were wrong and that you had something more negative in mind.

I wrote that I had misjudged your motives and assumed you wanted to continue to rail at Flordia.  You then said my interpretation of your motives was wrong.  When I asked you what your motive was, you didn't respond.  In philosophy, given that all language is ambiguous, we "approach the truth through dialogue," i.e., one person makes a statement.  The next might ask, "are you saying X?"  The first person might then say, "no, I am saying Y."  Even that might be misunderstood but it should more closely approach the truth.

In the present case Florida made a statement and instead of asking what he meant you said, "you are saying X."  Florida attempted dialogue by saying, "no, I am saying Y."  Instead of accepting Florida's statement, you (and others) responded with "no, you are not.   You are saying X."

As a consequence I then assumed you to be saying, "No dialogue is necessary.  Words, at least Florida's are not ambiguous.  They mean one thing and one thing only."  Of course modern philosophers have discussed this matter ad infinitum, even more than photographers have discussed the realism versus artistic approach, and while there might be an exception.  The consensus is that it is impossible to say something that can't be misunderstood by your hearer.  If your hearer insists that his rather than your interpretation is the correct one, this can only lead to acrimony.  Surely you know this.  Surely you have yourself been misunderstood from time to time like the rest of mankind.

Lawrence who is like Florida not intending offense

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