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Re: Very difficult to argue any of the points.

Richard wrote:

brianric wrote:

I can go out on an all day event and vary my ISO. I would have to change film to do that.

This was a true pain, you are in the middle of a roll of film

did mention this on previous post, you could change ISO with film.

First time I printed a 20x30 print was from a picture taken by a Canon 20D, an 8 MP camera. I was totally blown away at how sharp and lack of grain in the picture.

Very true, now we have 36mp I am totally blown away.

No longer having to mail out film or negatives to be processed, being at the mercy of the USPS and worrying if my film/negatives got lost.

Never thought about this. One thing when I was doing my own black and white, I would always miss a spec of dust or the film would get a scratch.

Easier to backup and store digital files versus negatives. I have every digital file shot and kept as keepers since 2003. I can't say the same of my negatives/slides taken since mid 1960ies.

And they never degrade, they are the same as the day you took them.

I'm not a great photographer. I shoot events. Digital allows me to shoot many more pictures than I shoot with film, and keep the ones that I want the client to see, especially when shooting sports.

The opposite is also true. I can take one image, view it on the back of the camera, know it is a keeper, walk into the house and print it. No roll of film, no processing, no nothing. Or I could send the image in locally and have it turned into a single print using chemical process for pictures exactly how I wanted it for super low price.One thing I can definitely say I will never shoot film again, and haven't since 2003.

Don't think I will ever shoot film again either.

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