Did you know using PS is cheating?

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Re: Did you know using PS is cheating?

Here we go again. It is amazing how often this topic comes up in the various forums on this site. Photography wasn't invented only to capture unmanipulated images. How did that concept ever get legs? Even documentary photographers of old had to manipulate their images to give the best representation of the reality before them. And they were preserving the reality of the scene or action, not the photographic process. They just didn't interfere with what they saw and shot presenting in a "here it is" way.

Now today it gets down to ethics, personal and professional. An AP photographer was just let go:


It also depends on what path of photography you've taken. Everything to just shooting JPEGs never touching them after the shutter click to light painting which yields a very painterly image. It becomes a personal choice to post process and to what degree you do can either be a creative process creating a vision or statement or a manipulative garish representation. Or don't do anything at all. Your choice. An individual may be cheating but PS is not cheating.

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